Use Emotional Intelligence to Build Your Career

How can emotional intelligence help you get that next promotion? It’s simple:

Unequaled: Tips for Building a Successful Career Through Emotional Intelligence

by Derek Loosvelt

Jim Runde has worked for Morgan Stanley for 40 years, which makes him the longest-serving investment banker at a single Wall Street institution in history. In 1999, Runde earned fame on Wall Street when he led United Parcel Service’s $5.5 billion IPO. At the time, the UPS IPO was the largest on record, but what was even more remarkable than the size of the deal was the fact that UPS never entertained any other offers from competing Wall Street banks to lead it; UPS was one of the Runde’s clients, and the company trusted Runde so much that it gave the lead book-running business to Morgan Stanley without entertaining a single competing bid. Which is almost unheard of on Wall Street. In fact, it’s so rare that [Read more]



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