Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions

Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered so many aspects of our lives, and for many, that includes careers. If your employment has been affected, or you think it may be in the future, Owen is here to help. Through the power of the Owen network and the resources and guidance of the Alumni Career Management (ACM) team, many alumni have successfully navigated career transitions through every type of job market.

“Successful career transitions include preparation and planning before you ever send out a resume, apply to a position, or reach out to your network,” says Lacy Nelson, Sr. Associate Director, Alumni & Executive Career Management at Owen. “I use the phrase ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ to describe that process. As high-achieving MBAs, most want to ‘Fire, Aim, Ready’ which hinders a successful process and outcome.”

Successful transitions begin and end with a series of steps that help job seekers identify the right opportunities and move toward their goals using the resources at their disposal. The ACM team has developed and compiled frameworks, tools, and guides on how to navigate each step on the path to a new position. The process is straightforward, and many steps are familiar (if not identical) to those alumni took as students:

  • Assess and Research. Any job search should begin with an assessment, both of oneself and the career options around them. The ACM website offers several tools and guides on how to conduct these assessments, tell stories, and elevate one’s personal brand, among other important must-dos.
  • Discover and evaluate options. Based on the prior assessments, the ACM team recommends evaluating options, establishing priorities, and identifying gaps to fill. In this phase, preferences for function, industry, and geography play a large part in the decision process. Again, the ACM website contains frameworks alumni can use in these evaluations.
  • Plan and communicate. Building a communications strategy is an important next step. It involves updating relevant social profiles, resumes, cover letters, and other platforms through which you showcase yourself and the value you will bring to employers. The ACM team has developed a comprehensive communications plan that addresses every aspect of this process.

“The ACM resources are designed to help with the preparation process. On our website, you’ll find career assessments, sample resumes that you may download and use, scripts for networking, and resources to learn how to use LinkedIn, to interview effectively, and to negotiate offers,” says Nelson.

No job search is the same, and the process may not be linear or lockstep. There are also a variety of other items to consider, from interview strategies to negotiating salaries, networking, and more. The ACM has complied several tools – shared in documents and videos – to put job seekers in the best position on every step of the search process.

Whether alumni are in the midst of a career transition or not, the ACM team always recommends connecting and nurturing relationships with Owen and Vanderbilt alumni, who have proven to be invaluable resources for each other over the years.

“Networking is a powerful tool,” says Sylvia Boyd, Associate Director, Alumni Career Management. “It’s never a cold call when you network within the Alumni Owen network; that’s the low-hanging fruit, because you are already a member of the family. From there, the connections will multiply.” 

The Alumni Career Management team houses all of its resources, which include COVID-19 specific guidance, on its website. Visit it regularly for updated content.

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