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WSJ’s Tips on Landing a New Job During COVID

The employment landscape has changed since March 2020. Companies are still hiring but you’ll want to take these suggestions to heart – especially the piece on Networking. The New Rules for Landing a Job in the Covid Era by Kathryn Dill  

Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions

Owen Resources Can Help Support Your Career Transitions The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered so many aspects of our lives, and for many, that includes careers. If your employment has been affected, or you think it may be in the future, Owen is here to help. Through the power of the Owen network and the […]

Career Guides to In-Demand COVID-19 Professions & Industries

As an Owen alum, you have access to the Vault Career Guides through the Walker Management Library. A recent article from Vault mentions the following professions that are growing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Health Care Management Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Medical Equipment Manufacturing Internet Content Think about pivoting toward expanding industries by identifying your transferable skills, […]

Say “Yes” to Those Holiday Get-Togethers

Tempted to be a holiday hermit?  Want to put your job search on “hold” for the holidays? Consider networking during the holidays the easy way: Use holiday gatherings to fire up your job search and build confidence Networking is a key part of a job search strategy by Lauren Sveen According to a recent LinkedIn […]

I Want to Introduce You To…

Templates to help you introduce yourself on the spot: 5 Ways to Introduce Yourself Perfectly in 20 Words or Less by Rebecca Okamoto “Hey Rebecca, it’s great to meet you. David speaks really highly of you. Tell me about yourself. I’ll give you 20 minutes, and after that we’ll either do business together, or we’ll […]

Job Search Tips for Introverts

Socializing for introverts is not always a natural. The following tips will help you navigate through most social situations. Networking and Job Hunting for Introverts by Vault Careers If you’re introverted, then you already know how nerve-racking socializing can be. When you add to that the pressure of job hunting and networking, the entire situation […]

You Don’t Have to Like It – You Just Have to Do It

Author and Career Coach, Steve Dalton, was at Owen recently to teach students his proven process for job search. Some of the best job search and networking advice can be found in Steve’s book, The 2-Hour Job Search. Want to learn a framework for conducting an informational/networking meeting? As Steve says, you don’t have to […]

Powerful First Impressions

We often don’t think about the first impression that we make on others. It goes beyond appearance. In fact, your non-verbal cues are interpreted by others in seconds. Why Your First Impression is So Powerful First impressions throughout life are crucial. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance! A first impression can be what you […]

Inside Baseball

The firm, Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, publishes a blog called Inside Baseball and describes it as “your good-natured authority for news, commentary and actionable tips – with a dash of rumor – focused on Nashville; Healthcare’s Capital City.” This recent entry stresses the importance of relationships and trust. A Quick NHCC/NCN Panel Recap: Hug […]