What To Expect In Your First Coaching Call

  1. Your initial coaching session is about getting acquainted. The call will be an opportunity for you and your coach to learn things about each other that may be important to the success of your relationship: who you are, what you enjoy, and how you present yourself. Expect questions about things you have done in your professional and personal life that fueled your enthusiasm and excitement. Allow your sense of humor to come through so that you and your coach can form a strong connection. Be open and honest about what you may fear and what you may be excited about. This will help you both to build trust and begin on a positive note.
  1. This initial call may also serve as a planning session. Expect to review your calendars; together, you will determine how often you will meet and the duration of your sessions. Be ready to enter those dates and times into your schedule so you can plan the rest of your business calendar around them.
  1. You will begin to discuss your goals and what you hope to gain from your coaching experience. It is OK if you have not yet fully defined a specific goal. In this session your coach can help you determine what your short- and long-term goals might be.
  1. You may discuss what additional tools or resources might be helpful during your coaching engagement.

Depending on your needs, your coach may recommend using the Hogan Assessment or other tool they use with clients.

It may also be beneficial for your coach to talk with others in your work environment. If you and your coach agree to pursue such a step, you may spend some time identifying which individuals would be most beneficial for the coach to speak with.

Remember, any coaching engagement is a learning journey. It takes time for the relationship to develop and insights to materialize. Be patient with yourself and your coach; together you may achieve your goals and discover new things along the way.

Try to relax and enjoy the process of self-discovery, learning and accomplishment.