How to Select Your Coach

We have carefully vetted our leadership coaches and know that they are all very successful in leading people through personal growth and skill improvement. However, selecting your coach is a very personal decision. In order to gain the most from your experience with a coach, here are a few things to consider.

  1. As you begin to evaluate coaches on paper, look for key words that align with what you would like to accomplish with this experience. Seek out coaching philosophies that resonate with you. Because you will be spending quality time with your coach, you might consider someone whose interests complement your own, creating a common bond that can help you connect right away.
  1. As you have an initial conversation with a potential coach, look for natural rapport. Conversation should be easy and engaging for both of you. Assess how comfortable you feel in your initial exchanges. First instincts are powerful. Think about the following questions:
    • Could this be someone with whom you can build trust?
    • Is this someone with whom you would be interested in continuing a conversation?
    • Are you interested in getting to know this person well?
  1. Coaches should be able to walk you through their approach and the processes they use with individuals. Make sure that their process jibes with your personal learning style. At the same time, bear in mind that part of a coach’s job is to pose questions that may challenge you. If their process seems a bit intimidating or you can’t yet see where it ends, that is probably a good thing. You will learn and grow along the way!
  1. Ask the potential coach to tell you some success stories about previous clients.
    • How did the coach and client approach their engagements?
    • How did the process play out for the client?
    • Can the coach adequately convey the success that the client achieved as a result of their relationship?
    • As you listen, can you identify with any pieces in these stories? Hearing stories that may be similar to your own may help you appreciate what your potential coaches can bring to the table that may accelerate your success and help you decide which coach offers the best tools for you and your situation.